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Sales & Acquisitions

On conclusion of the marketing process, the viewing process is arranged. Using the most comprehensive form of special motor insurance, the demonstration, collection or driving of the cars is approached with great care making sure that at all times, we are present and very much in control remembering, who the vehicle belongs too. From time to time, the car may need to be moved to facilitate repairs, MOT or transported for engineer's inspection and any of the processes are approached with similar care.

In practising total transparency and particularly in the case of older vehicles that will vary in condition, buyers are encouraged to approach the purchase with the benefit of a specialist independent engineers report. Douglas Bell very much works on the principal that it is essential; buyers understand fully what ownership of these specialist cars will entail. 'Ownership should be an experience that you enjoy rather than one you regret' it is virtually impossible to contemplate a warranty with some cars so instead we prefer to work with the buyers to help them understand what the ownership experience will represent and continue to work with them well beyond the sale. Brokerage is as much about people as anything else and it is as important to DB Motor Brokers that we maintain a good future relationship with both sellers and buyers as it is making one sale.

Post inspection, a sales memorandum is drafted that identifies the termd and conditions of the transaction which is signed by both buyer and seller prior to completion. During this process, the car is held to the owners order and is only released to the buyer once the title of the vehicle has been fully verified and cleared funds have been received directly buy the seller. When appointed to find a car, the securing process is approached employing similar principles with a fee agreed in advance. Please contact Douglas Bell for further information.

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